Thunderstorms and Taco Bell

Day prior to first day.

We finally arrived in Denver around 4:30 and hit the grocery store to buy food for our first 5 days. We then splattered our whole backpacks and food supply all over Sean’s living room floor and started organizing. Sean, my friend who graciously provided us with a couch to sleep on, a garage for my car to stay in, and a ride to the trailhead in the morning, said that this nights thunder storm was possibly the biggest he’s seen in Denver. Simone, Sean, Noah and I watched the sky light up almost every second, and sometimes on the left and the right of us at the exact same time. We watched a torrential downpour fill the streets until the water overflowed the streets and onto the sidewalks, and gave our wheels and tires an extreme car wash. We “ooo’d and awed” over the storm, until the power went out, then we did what any smart person stuck in a thunder and lightening storm would do- We hopped in the car and drove to Taco Bell. Duh. Came back, had a family Taco Bell dinner around a candle lit table, and drank 8oz cans of Coors Light. How else would I have wanted to spend my last night in civilization? No other way.


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