Day 3 = 3 times more fun

Day 3, 7/10
Mileage: 13.9
Miles: 31.1-45.0

We play my favorite sleep-wake-snooze game with the alarm starting at 5:15 until Simone says “Briz I can’t wake up yet”, and that was all I needed. Alarm off. Back to sleep. 7:30 rolls around and we wake up half way groggy and half way thinking “oh shite we’ve gotta hurry!” So that’s how the morning went.

My legs are tight this morning- my calves feel like I had a giant Charlie horse during the night, but I didn’t. They are just sore and crampy. But my feet feel great, so that puts me in a good mood, and even though we skipped heating up water for our Starbucks via packets, I still feel pretty energetic. We start walking but only get 2.8 miles until we stop at a creek to fill water and wash the clothes we’re wearing. They’re on day three of sticking to a sweaty body, so one can imagine.

Continuing on, it takes us quite some time to get to mile 8 of section 3, which happens to only be mile 6.2 for the day, and there sits the most inviting creek I have seen in a long time. We obviously can’t resist, and we look at each other and screech and throw our packs to the ground followed by our shoes then clothes, and soon enough I’m submerged in the freezing water, squealing.

Simone’s feet are just starting to hurt again, and I tell her only 3 more miles till lunch. I always break down the day into small sections so it seems easy, and so I can get excited about the next thing such as stopping for a swim or stopping for lunch or, the best of them all, getting to camp in the evening. These three miles pass by slowly, but eventually we find a little spot by the trail and I stuff my face with Cheetos, a tuna packet, a fruit leather, nutter butter mini’s, and electrolytes.

“Only 5.5 miles left for the day”, I tell Simone. In my mind I’m thinking “yeah! 5.5 miles is basically half of 10 which is basically nothing!” However her face does not look amused. At this point I feel great and I feel strength in my legs, more so than before lunch. After a short period we come to a parking area where our friends Sandy and Jerry have a friend waiting for them with a resupply. Pictures are taken, and we say goodbye in case we don’t see them again, then we continue. We walk, walk, walk, trudging our way up a very rocky, old abandoned forest service road and don’t see anyone else the rest of the evening until our friends Patty and ?? Walk by as I’m setting up camp. They are awesome and they help Simone try to fix and patch up some of her gnarly blisters, including the one that the skin ripped off of and now is just open flesh. Poor Simone. She’s such a trooper.

I can already tell my legs are building strength and I am estimating that in 2 days I will have my hiker legs back. I love hiker legs! They are magical. I sure hope Simone’s feet get better.

I have told Simone for weeks now that in my opinion the first three days are the hardest, and it’s almost always up from there. I hope my words ring true for her.

On a side note, I LOVE my new six moon designs fusion 65 pack, it is perfect and I’m so glad I bought it last second, but I do NOT like my sawyer mini filter, and will be trying to purchase a new filter ASAP.


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